The Markwell Story

Markwell Watch Company was a dream I had for years.  For over three decades I have been collecting, reading about, trading, selling, breaking, fixing and posting pictures of watches in my own eclectic collection.  The inspiration of all this madness was my grandfather's watch which sat in the top drawer of my dad’s dresser.  The watch was small as a postage stamp, dirty and broken.  The crystal was long gone and the gold plating was worn away and dull.  My grandfather wore the hell out of that watch.  He used that tool each day telling the time whether he was stoking the boiler at work, mowing the lawn, working on his car or attending church or a lodge meeting.  I wanted to replicate that idea for the everyday, everyone wristwatch.  A tool that tells the time, a daily companion strapped on your wrist while you make your mark in life. Historically inspired but using modern manufacturing utilizing the best tech at a reasonable price.  I am a firm believer that you can learn just about anything but the task is always easier and better with a friend.  So I spun the idea to one of my best friends, a successful businessman and also a fellow watch geek.  That helps.  Together we bring years of earned experience in the real world to bring you Markwell Watches.  Together we hope to make our mark in life with you along for the ride.  Together we can build some great watches and Markwell..